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Lars-Peter Loeld - Boredom Eliminator

Lars-Peter Loeld is a meeting planners dream!

Lars-Peter Loeld is easy and relieble to work with and he always delivers whatever he is presenting.
Mindreader, lecturer, boredom eliminator, entertainer, Master of ceremonies and a behaviourist.
Mindgames has been performed over 2000 times for Swedish and international corporations all over Europe. Filmproduction for AGA AB. Participated in 40 television programs. 200 shows at Scania's 100th anniversary. Master of ceremonies at numerous conferences. Field artist for UN on four occasions in Lebanon and in Macedonia. A degree in Organization Development And Human Relation. 4.9 of 5 at all ratings over the last 15 years. Master of creating lasting impressions and a WOW experience. A professional with more then 30 years of experience.